Your guest house in the heart of the Draa Valley

Nested in the confines of the Moroccan mountains, I shall proudly wait for travelers as the sunlight casts its shadow on my adobe walls.

Kasbah Kissane

A spacious house built with rammed earth with 8 rooms, including 3 suites and a vaste « Luxury » room. The Kasbah can host up to 20 people.

The Kasbah is nestling in the very ancient Medina of Adgz, 45 minutes away from Ouarzazate, at the heart of the Draa Valley on the way to Zagora and the Sahara desert..

We thoroughly rebuilt it for the past 10 years with the help of the know-how from the “mahlems”, who master ancient and new building techniques. The Kasbah was built entirely out of rammed earth walls with Zellij and tadelakt on it and reed on the ceiling to suit the climate. The Kasbah was refurbished thanks to ancestral knowledge. It subtly mixes ancient charm and modern comfort.

This goes without saying that the Kasbah is the perfect place for travelers wanting to live a generous experience in optimum comfort. We can guarantee you a total escape feeling with the astonishing scenery. Your escape dreams await you in the beautiful Moroccan lights.

We conceived the Kasbah in the best traditions of the South of Morocco.

Welcome aboard !

Our rooms

Choose your own style

Sleep at the Kasbah… Or how to chose your room…

8 rooms, 8 unique moods ! Each of them has its own unique inspiration.

Their place and presence within the Kasbah have been carefully chosen and crafted. We decorated them with refinement and originiality.

They each have high-end bedding with mattress overlays, feather pillows, high-end blankets and have a well-equipped bathroom with a shower, hairdryer and heating.

Discover our Kasbah

Entering this house in winter is entering a soft and plush atmosphere A lot of comfort and caring along music and spicy notes coming out of the kitchen await you…

Entering this house in spring is entering a fresh, luminous and colorful atmosphere. Nature and flowers waking up is an invitation to brighten smiles after the gray winter… It also means you can dine outside, laugh at will, dance with life or chat until the end of night under the stars…

Our Kasbah is traditionally cooled with antique techniques coming from enlightened architects from the past. The Kasbah keeps surprising travelers with softness in winter and freshness in spring. You can take off your shoes and let everything go in cushions while drinking tea with delicacy. You can let yourself be gently rocked by the art of living and enjoy it by grabbing a book… Your mobile phone can stay on the side…

We wanted our house to be mischievous and full of surprise and to play with your sense of direction. It is a treasure chest of local Moroccan and global, modern and old craft. Lighting is soft and harmonious. Carpets adorn the walls along pictures of other travelers who went by. Pieces of art from our friends have here a special place: those artists loved the Kasbah, reflected about it and went on with their life with their only desire being to come back…

The Kasbah is all of this and has much more to offer…

We will make your stay unique and unforgeable. It can be for one night, a trip shared with your family, your loved one, your friends or even yourself.


The Kasbah is located in the old Medina in Agdz village in the Draa valley. Located 45 minutes south of Ouarzazate, it can be accessed through a mastic road in the mountains.

The road from Marrakesh to the Kasbah is 5 hour long and takes you through the impressive Tichka pass. Taking this road is the beginning of your travel. You will experience multiple landscapes and climates and will discover Berber villages where people have been living in harmony with nature for centuries. This road has exceptional landscapes. Photography enthusiasts will be pleased ! You can stop at Taddart for exquisite food, which is an iconic spot along the road.

The Kasbah is located 5 hours away from Agadir. On the road, you will find Taroudant the little Marrakesh, Tazenacht the Moroccan carpet capital and Taliouine at the earth of the saffron region.

Coming to the Kasbah is discovering the Berber culture for an unwinding and inspiring stay in the green Draa river valley. The Draa waters all the crops in the valley and the Atlas moutains around it. Various landscapes are the reflection of the Berber soul. The land there is welcoming, generous and intense with a way of life based on sharing, smiles and joy.

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