Room “Soie Rose”


To accommodate this romantic and smooth room, we took inspiration from a magnificent Iranian silk carpet with powdered Rose tones that will welcome you upon entry. The bed is separated with a wrought iron mashrabiya that was custom made at a renowned craftsman of Marrakesh. Its lighting is soft and calming. This room offers a plump, enveloping and relaxing approach.

We chose to use “Harcha” walls which are a plaster made out of soil, lime and pigments.

The bathroom with Rose tadelakt, Zellij and sculpted plaster has an Italian shower in a hammam-styled cabin and separate toilets. It is located on the first floors and has a view on the central yard arcades. It is very calm and comfy.

The Berber culture is transcended in this room with he Swiss artist Véronique Albert who created unique artworks for the walls in this room. It includes silver jewelry, old belts, leather and carpets blended together with a lot of inspiration, sensitivity and delicacy.

Véronique Albert was here at the Kasbah multiple times and went through all stages of its metamorphosis. The local culture, the light of the Draa Valley, the energy of the mountains and the magic of the Sahara Desert were for her a true and unique inspiration. This harmonious room radiates poetry and smoothness.

What this room has to offer


140€ / night for 2 people.

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